People use storage units for several different reasons. They may use storage units for reasons such as furniture storage, summer storage, winter storage, cars, caravans, and boats, the list is endless. Storage units are perfect for when you have too many items and they are beginning to take up a lot of room in your home.

As we have mentioned above, people use storage units for several reasons such as:

They Are Having A Declutter

Not everyone has the space in their homes to keep every single item they own therefore may need to consider renting a storage unit. A lot of people are reluctant to declutter because they don’t want to get rid of stuff permanently in case, they need it again. Self-Storage comes to the rescue, in this case, you can store as much or as little as you want for as long as you want, and you can come and take things out as and when you need them.

They Have A Business

People who run a business may need storage, especially if they are just starting out and do not have the room for all their stock, equipment etc. Or if you need to, you can work out of a storage unit. Self-storage units are great for businesses as they provide climate and environment-controlled facilities at a lower cost compared to a building or office rental.

Some storage facilities even provide 24-hour access to certain units which may be perfect if your business sometimes runs outside of the standard working hours. Self-storage units are perfect for growing businesses.


If you are planning on travelling, then definitely consider renting a storage unit for the time that you are away. If you want to, and you own your own house and you know you are going to be travelling for over six months, you could rent out your property for the time that you are away. If this is something that you plan to do, then you will need a storage unit.

Self-Storage FAQs

You would be surprised by the number of questions we get daily when it comes to self-storage. Some of our most asked questions are:

Can I Use A Self-Storage Unit As A Workshop?

Like with anything there are cautions that you would need to follow if you were to turn a storage unit into a workshop. Some storage units do allow for this, even if you do not choose to use it as a workshop, a storage unit is perfect for storing any work tools that you have.

How Does Self-Storage Work?

Self-storage is fairly flexible for both domestic and business customers. At Storage Chorlton, we provide clean and dry contained self-storage units which you can access seven days a week between our opening hours which are 8 am-10 pm. Your storage unit will be locked with a padlock which means it is only you who has the key to access it.

Do I Need To Pay A Deposit At Storage Chorlton?

A lot of storage companies do require a deposit, however, here at Storage Chorlton, we do not. We will not charge for a deposit or other expensive extras. We allow our customers to pay for as little as two weeks of storage.

How Do I Pay For My Storage?

Many of our customers choose to pay by standing order. However, we do accept cash, credit, and debit cards.

What If I Reserve and My Plans Are Delayed?

This is absolutely fine, these things happen. All you need to do is let us know of any changes and when you know your new dates, contact us, and let us know and we can get you sorted out.

Do You Offer Discount For Armed Forces?

Yes, we do! Armed Forces and Emergency and NHS employees receive a 10% discount for the duration of their stay with us. All you need to bring is a valid Forces ID or Emergency Services ID to show when you move in. If your ID does not have a photo on it, we may ask for an additional form of ID.

How Secure Is Storage Chorlton?

Security is our number one priority; you do not need to worry about your items. We have over 300 HD CCTV cameras, a Red Care alarm system which is linked directly to the police, smoke detectors and high-security fencing.

Can I Transfer Units If My Circumstances Change?

Yes of course! If your circumstances happen to change during the duration of your stay, you can transfer to a smaller or larger unit if needed. All you have to do is enquire with a member of staff and they will help to sort this out for you. This can be done on the same day if you make a request, but it does depend on availability.

We hope this blog post answered any questions that you may have had. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you require a storage unit, contact us today and we can find a storage unit perfect for you and your needs.