The past 18 months have been a whirlwind. The pandemic has introduced remote working but how can self-storage benefit you if you are working from home? We will tell you how!


Use Your Storage Space As A Home Office


Working from home can be distracting particularly if you live with more than 1 or 2 people. You can use a self-storage unit as a mini home office throughout the day if you wish. Renting a unit makes it easier for you to be able to separate home and work. Consider a unit that is slightly larger than you think you will need. Check out our storage size estimator at Storage Chorlton.


Self-Storage Units Are Cheap Enough


Self-storage units tend to be budget-friendly; it would be a lot cheaper to rent a storage unit the time that you are remote working rather than paying a lot for an extension or adding on another room to your home. At Storage Chorlton, we offer 50% off your first 10 weeks, we are one of the cheapest storage places in Greater Manchester. You would be saving more when you store with us. Throughout your time storing with us, we will offer a huge range of deals and promotions throughout your stay so keep an eye out.


Use As A Place For Work Stock/ Equipment


Even if you do not use your self-storage unit as a home office, why not use it as a place to store any extra work stock or equipment? This will save you from taking up space in your own home which is a bonus. With the security of a self-storage unit, this will probably be the best place to keep your work equipment anyway. Self-storage units are always fully equipped with CCTV and alarm systems to ensure the protection of your belongings.


Self-Storage Units Are A Base For All Business Types


It is not only office workers who benefit from using self-storage units, but a lot of businesses can also benefit. For example, if you run a maintenance type of business e.g., joinery, plumbing, gas engineer, this type of work requires a lot of equipment. If you are just a start-up business too then you will need somewhere to be able to store your equipment. Like we mentioned above, storage units are relatively cheap to rent and are beneficial to business owners. Contact Storage Chorlton today for a quote on a storage unit size that suits you.


Leaves You Room To Grow


Renting a cheap self-storage unit leaves your business room to grow. It gives you the chance to utilise a storage space without having to commit to renting a warehouse or an office space which leaves you the opportunity to work from home if you wish, which means you can keep your stock in the unit and come and go as you please.


Did you realise that many benefits come with renting a self-storage unit while working remotely? If you need a storage unit, get in contact with Storage Chorlton here.